Kandy Kush from Reserva Privada

Basic info about Kandy Kush

Reserva Privada Flowering: ±67 days mostly indica

Kandy Kush Classic stretch of the OG Kush that bulks up and fills out like the TW to give you OG flavor and TW nugs. Once again we bring the medicinal benefits and the great taste of the OG Kush and crossed it to classic Cali. Train Wreck strain - known for it's good commercial yields, frostiness and lemony scents. The sweetness of this Kush hybrid is comparable to kandy and after one hit you will keep coming back for more!! Heavy crystal production comes on after the 5th week but dose not stop producing! One of the most resinous plants in our cataloge. True California flavor.

Flowering Period: 9 - 10 Weeks
Yield: 400-500 g/m2

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Short Review

Flowering time indoor
±73 days
between 70 and 75 days
Stretch while flowering
±150 %
from 70 cm to 75 cm.
Harvesting time outdoor
in BmShβ climates
at end of September (±1 week)

Ratings / Votes of our users

Yield Indoor:
8.25 / 10
Yield Outdoor:
10.00 / 10
Strength / Effect:
9.20 / 10
Outdoor Overall:
10.00 / 10
Indoor Overall:
8.50 / 10
Overall Rating:
9.14 / 10

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OG Kush x Trainwreck

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Kandy Kush

Pic from NordischbyNature | Indoor (240W)

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