Purple Wreck from Reserva Privada

Basic info about Purple Wreck

Reserva Privada Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Purple Wreck Purple Wreck Cannabis Seeds are the love child of the Urkel, one of California`s most sought after strains that demands respect in any circle. We crossed the Urkel with the Train Wreck (T4) male to improve the vigour of the Urkel, a notoriously slow grower, and the results are of the highest quality!

The Purple Wreck has large Train Wreck buds with a hint of purple and the sweet aroma of the Urkel dominates this cross. With short, dense, nugs and an early flowering time, Purple Wreck Cannabis Seeds are a pleasure to grow and even better to enjoy!

* Created from one of California`s most respected strains
* Has large purple buds with a sweet, fruity, West Coast, aroma
* Grows short so she`s ideal for all of you with limited space
* Produces dense nugs and a large yield

Flowering Period: 8 - 9 Weeks
Yield: 400-500 g/m²

Antecedents of Purple Wreck from Reserva Privada

Purple Urkel x Trainwreck

Descendants of Purple Wreck from Reserva Privada

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Purple Wreck

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