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Basic info about Super Sour Kush

Seedism Seeds Flowering: ±56 days mostly indica

Super Sour Kush When our breeders experiment with new hybrids they are always looking for the most tasty and vigorous strains to work with.

Our latest new seeds, named Super Sour Kush, is a perfect example of how these two prime traits can be joined into one plant.

To create the Super Sour part of these seeds we crossed our Sour Diesel with a Grapefruit Kush, these two strains are known for their incredible unique taste and after trying a few other strains as well we decided that these would give the best success in the range of flavours we were looking for.

Most types of OG Kush are hard to breed with, besides their irregular growth patterns tending more towards a Sativa plant in terms of stretchiness, they are also a product of unregulated hybridization and usually show unstable characteristics/traits when breeding with them.

Only one unique OG Kush we got through our Californian friends showed true potential in this particular breeding project by allowing the desired taste from our Sour grapefruit hybrid to come through when hybridized and combine that with the sweet earthy taste from the OG Kush itself.

Most important was to eliminate any potential growth patterns from the original OG Kush to tend towards the Sativa side, we really wanted this plant to stay short and bulky, keeping them easy to grow and control in any situation from small indoor gardens to large outdoor cultivations.

Super Sour Kush does not stretch much thanks to our selective breeding, this makes the Super Sour Kush a perfect strain for maintaining a short growth cycle with as many plants as you can fit, any sea of green technique will show good results.

Seedism’s Super Sour Kush is a fast flowering strain that can finish flowering within 8 weeks when growing indoors and yields of around 400 grams per light can be achieved without much experience, more experienced growers will be able to supercharge their gardens to achieve even greater yields.

At the same time we have had lots of feedback from test growers throughout California that found the Super Sour Kush a great strain to use outdoors or in a greenhouse.

The growth pattern of the Super Sour Kush makes them the perfect candidate for a high yielding plant that can be trained to grow large and wide, and prevent them from growing too tall.

Super Sour Kush will produce a lot of dense egg sized buds, which on their own are not the largest but the sheer amount of these buds will result in a large yield.

The bud structure in itself is quite dense, but the smaller size of each individual bud and the spacing between them will prevent but-rot or mould when growing outdoors in more humid climates.

Genetics: Sour/Grapefruit x OG Kush
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Taste/smell: earthy Sour grapefruit
Yields: 400-600 gram
Effects: Medium relaxing Psycho-active

Antecedents of Super Sour Kush from Seedism Seeds

{Sour Diesel x Grapefruit Kush Probably} x OG Kush

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