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Seeds of Compassion Flowering: ±77 days mostly indica

Wild Cherry Having been a life long headache sufferer making a serious painkiller has been high on my list. Trainwreck is a heavyweight in that department and mixing it with Cherry Thunderfuck was a no brainer. Wild Cherry is a migraine killer of the first order and will also help with withdrawal from opiates. The following is a testimonial from Organic Obiwan on the Skunk Magazine forum... "Well the wife had a serious migraine yesterday. So I feed her some of the Wild Cherry that 4 Dragons was kind enough to share with me. I gotta say it really really worked. After about 30 mins of taking the first vape she started to calm down. I could see the color flushing back into her face and noticed she was starting to let go of some tension. After about 40 mins the oxygen mask came off. After a hour she was plowing through a veggie spinach wrap giggling at the movie Dumb and Dumber. This is the first strain we have tried that just about completely took the migraine out. Beautiful cherry smell is released upon the first hit. You made a shit day so much better for us both. I can't praise your work enough. This is also the first time, no Maxalt was used, bravo! I was going through some pretty hard Morphine withdrawal, it knocked everything out. I mean i went from kicking my legs and sweating like a whore in church with a terrible flu to chilling with my fam and watching movies. So for pain, I have to say it has worked better for me than anything else I been able to try. That also includes the muscle spasm and cramping issues from my Muscular Dystrophy. Unsure of THC/CBD ratios but im thinking its prob balanced the way it knocks pain out completely while still having a pretty great high. Smells like it tastes , delicious. Get this strain for your library. You won't be disappointed."

Genetics: Trainwreck x Cherry Thunderfuck (AKA Novocaine Spike to the Head)

Antecedents of Wild Cherry from Seeds of Compassion

Trainwreck x MTF Cherry Thunderfuck

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