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Sensi Seeds Flowering-Time: Unknown mostly sativa

Sensi #11 What’s not to love? In terms of effect, it’s the sativa side that dominates this cross. SENSI #11 FEM has been carefully curated so that the Silver Haze isn’t overwhelmed by the Afghani genetics. The latter does provide a heavier yield, shorter plants and a quicker growth cycle than most sativa-dominant strains and bringing all the fruit, is the now-legendary Blueberry.

Silver Haze is one of the grandmothers of modern sativa cannabis strains. Tall, slender, and with a pleasing yield, Silver Haze was revolutionary when it was first launched and still has a great deal to offer to growers today. On the other end of the indica-sativa spectrum, our Afghani #1 is an old-school, earthy indica with a compact stature and short flowering time. Somewhere in between, the Blueberry delivers delicious bursts of fruity flavours. Plus, it’s feminized.

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Blueberry x Afghani #1 x Silver Haze

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Sensi #11

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