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Sensi Seeds Flowering-Time: Unknown mostly sativa

Sensi #32 SENSI #32 FEM combines one of the most exciting OG cannabis varieties to come out of the US in recent, Fire OG, and one of our favourite cup-winning sativas, Silver Haze. In this cross, we chose to amplify the sativa qualities even more while preserving the strength and flavours from the Fire OG. The result is a powerful hybrid producing a copious amount of resinous buds.

SENSI #32 FEM has been known to stretch 200% during its flowering period; indoors, it can easily reach 150 cm. Outdoors in a sunny, Mediterranean climate, it can easily reach 200 cm. This height gain coupled with the long flowering period results in excitingly heavy yields. The taste and aroma are a mouth-watering blend of citrus, spice and the earthy undertones from the Fire OG’s Kush lineage. This one is one is already a Sensi Seeds Research team favourite!

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Silver Haze x Fire OG probably

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Sensi #32

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