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Basic info about Sensi #49 CBD

Sensi Seeds Flowering: ±63 days mostly indica

Sensi #49 CBD This strain is Kush squared, with the focus on cannabidiol. SENSI #49 CBD comes from the same line as SENSI #219 AUTO, but instead of being autoflowering, it’s simply feminized. With a THC to CBD ratio of 1:2 and extremely large yields, SENSI #49 CBD is a great choice for indica lovers.

Our Hindu Kush has been a favourite of cultivators and cannabis connoisseurs for decades. Now we’re renewing this indica classic. This updated version amplifies all the qualities that have earned it that status: short flowering time, heavy yield, earthy pungent flavours and a strong soporific effect. We always knew Hindu Kush was special, and with the ever-increasing amount of knowledge about CBD we have now, we can really emphasize the levels of this valuable cannabinoid.

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Kush x Hindu Kush cbd rich probably

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Sensi #49 CBD

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