Sensi #741 from Sensi Seeds

Basic info about Sensi #741

Sensi Seeds Flowering: ±63 days indica/sativa

Sensi #741 Looking back over three decades of creating cannabis strains, we can see that one of the things our fanbase appreciates is our knack of taking strains from the extreme ends of the indica–sativa spectrum and blending them together. We did it with Jack Herer; we did it with Northern Lights #5 x Haze. With SENSI #741 FEM, we’ve done it again.

This uplifting strain has a decent yield and produces a multitude of pungent flowers, recognizable for their fresh and relaxing aromas of earth and sandalwood. The Sour Diesel background is immediately recognizable in the spicy and citrussy undertones. The Afghani genetics deliver a compacter bud structure and ensures a relaxing body high. Sour Diesel with a touch of dankness, a no-brainer!

Antecedents of Sensi #741 from Sensi Seeds

Sour Diesel x Afghani

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