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First of all the founder of SnowHigh seeds is not only a breeder but a very passionate lover of cannabis too. He was once also interested in hallucinogens, psychotropics and how they affect the body. He believes that Cannabis has helped with human evolution from the earliest hunter gatherers to the first sailors which sailed the ancient seas of the world to populate the various continents of the world. He believes that cannabis as food/seed sustained humans during times of hardship, long travel and transoceanic voyages. Such a passion he has for cannabis, he has given out many free seeds or donated to various organizations and friends. Some medical clubs in California,Michigan and Canada have carried these seeds for their patients. The results have been very positive and he think its time for others to be able to grow some SnowHigh seeds if they would like. He does not claim to be a breeder. He does and has gone to extreme great lengths to acquire solid genetics but not at the cost of others. He has grown all of the plants from seed or clone that he has used to make these crosses. The strains he grows are started in natural light then transferred to full spectrum flouros, then transplanted outdoors. He loose many plants from seedling to mature plants, only the strongest, healthiest plants make it to the pollination stage. Once plants are pollinated they are transferred to another garden many miles away to finish growing to full maturity.

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