Bahama Berry from Solfire Gardens

Basic info about Bahama Berry

Solfire Gardens Flowering-Time: Unknown indica/sativa

Bahama Berry Solfire post from IG… “This cross is for the Strawberry lovers and we will put this specific cut up against anyone’s strawberry cultivar. This cross crushed it in the test, bringing vivid deep purple colors coated with a thick candy shell like frost bearing a distinctive gritty sandy feel which may suggest a possible washer. Her strongest quality is her over powering strawberry smell, we’ve grown many strawberry scented plants and this cross exceeded our expectations which is exactly why she deserved to be part of this line up.”

Antecedents of Bahama Berry from Solfire Gardens

Mostly Indica Strawberry Jelly x Bahama Mama

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Day 52 flower...
Smells just like strawberry jelly...

Bahama Berry

Pic from GrandpasGreenhouse | Indoor (2000W)

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