Black Banana Cookies from Solfire Gardens

Basic info about Black Banana Cookies

Solfire Gardens Flowering: ±56 days indica/sativa

Black Banana Cookies Black Banana Cookies or BBC for short was created by Solfire Gardens in 2017. Taking a female cut of Black Berry Kush gifted to Solfire by his friend Ex from Exotic Genetics which was used in numerous strains such as Kimbo Kush and breeding it with a male Banana Fire Cookies selected from Relentless Genetics seed stock. Black Banana Cookie F1 seeds are not available. Black Banana Cookie F2 seeds will be available sometime 2018. The BBC F1 is Solfire Selection cut-only.

The strain finishes exceptionally early taking 56 days or less to reach full maturity. One can expect lots of crystals, lots of color (although some uncommon green phenos have been observed) and lots of smell. The terpene profile for BBC can range from sweet berry smells to gassy with grape undertones. the growth was fast and robust with many dense tops.

Antecedents of Black Banana Cookies from Solfire Gardens

Black Berry Kush x Banana Fire Cookies

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