Mando from Solfire Gardens

Basic info about Mando

Solfire Gardens Flowering-Time: Unknown indica/sativa

Mando Solfire post from IG… “Introducing “Mando” a cross between Yoda and Bahama Mama. “Yoda” came to us from a friend in L.A. who simply gave her to us and said “you gotta grow this, she’s pure gas!” We didn’t think much of it, got her back to Seattle and threw her in the flower room with the other potential candidates. Our rule of thumb pertaining to cuts given to us is simple. It doesn’t matter what the name of the cut is or where it supposedly came from, until it’s grown out by us and found worthy it doesn’t get bred and that’s that. Even if Luke Skywalker himself glided down lightsaber in hand and bestowed us a cut proclaiming it’s the best cut in the universe that cut is still getting grown out. So as for the back ground on the Yoda all we can confirm is it was handed to us as “Yoda” and it’s the gassiest cross in the lineup. The phenos the cross produced for us came in two general forms. First, the one pictured which is a Bahama dominant frost monster with a gassy fruity pine mint smell and breakthrough pink hues. The next pheno we saw quite a bit of was short with no pink, more of a grey blue in color, frosty as hell and all gas zero fruit. The Mando is geared toward all the gas goblins who need that fuel flavored flower. It’s thick frost and unique pink hues really make it pop in the garden. We found it fun to grow even though some of the more blue grey phenos seemed to lag early on they caught right up and finished strong in later flower.”

Antecedents of Mando from Solfire Gardens

Unknown Strain Yoda x Bahama Mama

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