NFSHEEEESH from Solfire Gardens

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Solfire Gardens Flowering-Time: Unknown unknown

NFSHEEEESH Solfire post from IG… “Introducing “NFSHEEEESH!!!” Created by bringing together The @thenorthfire cookie cut x The Bahama Mama this thing was a beast from the very start. Grown in a 5 gallon pot it towered over my head at 6 foot tall, smelled like fresh baked creamy cookies and is probably the frostiest thing I’ve ever grown. Weight wise for sure the heaviest. Remained mostly green until the end when it just added beautiful lavender hues, swirls and under leaf accents. If you enjoy frost covered stackers this is highly recommended. She was very fun and easy. No drama with this mama she took everything we threw at her nute wise and didn’t miss a step.”

Antecedents of NFSHEEEESH from Solfire Gardens

Girl Scout Cookies thenorthfire cookie cut x Bahama Mama

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