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Unknown or Legendary Flowering: ±63 days indica/sativa

Runtz Runtz is a strain that stands out for its terpenic power. If we know the genetic lines that precede this variety we can understand the enormous potential of this cannabis hybrid.

On the one hand Zkittlez, a variety that has surpassed all limits offering sweet and fruity flavours, with a terpenic profile like the sweeties that suggest its name. An incredible tropical flavours mixture that makes it a plant that must be cultivated to know its real potential. It produces a powerful psychedelic effect accompanied by a relaxing Indica feeling. A balanced hybrid between the Indica and Sativa worlds.

On the other hand Gelato, a hybrid that has broken schemes. This plant called Italian ice cream has earned its name because of a terpenic profile that reminds us of a delicious and creamy ice cream with sweet and fruity notes with a slightly earthy background that impregnates our taste buds.

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Zkittlez x Gelato

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Runtz (Gelato x Zkittlez) by PushersUSA. San Diego, CA Aug. 8th, 2021.


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