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We have collected the best phenotypes of rare and popular seed lines from landrace to highly hybridized og kush strains. After several years of stabilization testing we have found the next level of the push for higher cannabinoids in every strain we release. We are confident that you will prefer our highly productive and insanely potent varieties over the average watered down strains you find at every turn in the current cannabis market. We strive to be more than is expected of a seed company and deliver the quality that our high standards demand of anything that makes it's way into the personal collection. Our diligent work insures you can get several "keepers" in every single pack.

Cannabis is the medical side of our passion for gardening and is hands down our favorite species to work with. The many years of sowing, culling, harvesting have yielded several very distinct and exotic cannabis cultivars that can be found in our strain listing via email.


There’s a lot of buzz about sustainable farming, and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve seen how much richer the soil is when we control weeds, pests and disease without toxic chemicals. We’re know that it makes our seed harvests much healthier, too. We understand plant physiology and what it takes to produce healthy and desirable seeds for every pack.

Using only the finest OMRI certified ingredients we can be very pleased with knowledge that we are part of the cure for the overuse of chemical fertilizers that is so damaging to our rural streams and wild life. We are always doing our best to honor our third rock from the sun. We hope you will too.


Our master breeder has a life long love for a scientific approach to farming. With a talent for identifying the best of the best, we are proud to have Bekn "the abominable grow man" at the helm, guiding our seed lines.

With 30 years of the field training and Master horticultural training, Hortus Vetitum Genetics and The abominable grow team will bring the best to be had to your garden.

Our love is always backed with science and lab testing.

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